Domestic flowers: Flowers from Germany

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Domestic flowers: Flowers from Germany
Discover the biodiversity of our native flowers: Today we have collected a lot of information about flowers that grow here in Germany. It is colorful and full of life in the German gardens and on German meadows.
Today, however, we distinguish between cut flowers and wild flowers, early bloomers, summer and autumn flowers, and winter flowers. Some flowers aren’t easily categorized as flowers or plants, so our definition is that a flower must have at least one or more petals.
In addition, it should have a decorative value. This means that the flower has a particularly bright color or a beautiful color pattern or has a strikingly beautiful bloom.

Are roses flowers or plants?

According to the dictionary, roses are actually not flowers but plants because they have a woody trunk. Colloquially, however, we count roses as flowers. This is particularly due to the fact that they are a very popular gift and therefore also one of the most popular cut flowers.

What exactly are cut flowers?

Cut flowers are grown for sale and grown in large numbers, and once cut they adorn our vases, bouquets and arrangements. Cut flowers are in all our bouquets and will stay fresh for at least seven days with fresh water and some cut flower fertilizer.

Cut flowers from Germany

When it comes to the most popular cut flowers that can grow in Germany, we distinguish again between native and exotic flowers that have been brought to us from more southern countries or actually from other continents.

native flowers

  • tulip
  • gladiolus
  • lily
  • peony
  • clove

flowers from abroad

  • chrysanthemum
  • gerberas
  • dahlia
  • alkali lily

The most popular cut flowers in Germany

The most popular cut flowers in Germany are roses, tulips, gerberas and lilies. For us, the undisputed queen of all flowers is the rose. Incidentally, most roses, gerberas and lilies are available as cut flowers all year round. The tulip season, on the other hand, begins in January and ends in April.

The peony has an even shorter flowering period: this beautiful rose flowers from May to June and is therefore only available for about six weeks a year. The peony is therefore in great demand every year and an eye-catcher in every flower vase.

Five tips to keep cut flowers fresh for longer

  1. Cut any flowers that have a soft stem just before placing them in the water. Please cut woody stems at an angle. Please use a very sharp knife or florist scissors to protect the stem.
  2. Give your flowers plenty of space in a large, clean vase.
  3. Supply your flowers with fresh and lukewarm water. Change the water every two days.
  4. Cut flower fertilizer provides your flowers with additional nutrients.
  5. Now find the right location for your flowers. Most flowers are most comfortable in partial shade.

What exactly are wildflowers?

Wild flowers, like many herbs and shrubs, grow in forests and meadows, i.e. in the great outdoors. They are not cultivated like cut flowers.

These wild flowers bloom in spring and summer and are among the most popular garden flowers in Germany:
violet, daisy, hyacinth, crocus, daffodil, tulip, pansy, poppy, peony, rose, lily of the valley, ornamental onion, marguerite, snapdragon, marigold, hydrangea. These wildflowers bloom in autumn and winter:
marigold, violet, iris, hydrangea, autumn aster, autumn chrysanthemum, fat hen, winterling, cyclamen, snowdrop.

How to tie a bouquet of flowers

It is most convenient if you can send the bouquet directly to the desired address. How big will the surprise be when the recipient opens the package and a fresh, colorful bouquet of flowers appears? Crazy, right? All our bouquets are freshly tied and carefully packed before they are picked up by our shipping partner DHL. In the following video we will tell you exactly how our florists work.

Flowers make you happy

Whether it’s local flowers or exotic flowers from other parts of the world – one thing is certain: flowers make you happy. One may wonder which rare and beautiful flowers are at home in Germany. Would you like to give a present to a loved one? A colorful bouquet of flowers cheers you up, lifts your spirits and shows your appreciation.

And the best thing is: Fresh flowers always look incredibly good in the apartment. Choose a bouquet of your choice and choose your desired delivery date. Your bouquet will be tied by hand fresh on the day of dispatch and will be picked up on time by our shipping partner DHL. When it comes to payment options, you simply choose the most convenient one.

By the way: If you order a bouquet by 2 p.m. today, the recipient can look forward to this special gift tomorrow. One more thing: We do not enclose an invoice with the package, you will only receive it by email. This way, the recipient of the fresh flowers is guaranteed not to experience any nasty surprises. And now we wish you a lot of joy with giving.

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