From classic floral arrangements to beautiful paper creations

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From classic floral arrangements to beautiful paper creations

Families celebrate Mother’s Day in different ways. However, flowers as gifts are often part of it. If you’re still looking for ideas and a way to give flowers for Mother’s Day 2022, find inspiration here.

If you want to send flowery greetings from afar on Mother’s Day 2022, you will find numerous options on the Internet. Florists have long since created options to offer customers flower creations online as well. Here you can see which flower arrangements are particularly suitable for Mother’s Day and which creative ideas there are apart from the classics.

1. Colorful meadow bouquet

This lush floral arrangement is spring-likeFor Mother’s Day. Chrysanthemums, gerberas and decorative St. John’s wort and roses create a beautiful meadow bouquet. It is completed by tulips with cup-shaped flowers and eucalyptus branches.

2. Durable flowers as 3D card

You can either add one of the following gifts to the classic bouquet for Mother’s Day or replace the flowers entirely with a creative flower alternative. Like this 3D map, which also includes a beautiful bouquet of flowers, but in paper form. The clear advantage over the real cut flowers: the card has no expiry date and no wilted leaves are guaranteed.

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Map 3D



3. Rose of Gold

This rose too lasts longer than the original. Visually, it resembles a real rose except for the golden decorations on the stem and leaves. The beautiful design looks timeless and so the present can also be used wonderfully for decoration.

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Preserved Rose



4. Bath bombs with roses

Flowers don’t always have to fit in a vase, in this case they belong in the bathtub and should provide relaxation. The bath bombsdissolve in warm water and release beneficial ingredients such as cocoa and shea butter as well as coconut oil or flowers into the bath water.

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Bath Bomb Gift Set



5. A colorful bouquet for crafting

With this arrangement of roses, asters, lavender and poppies, the recipient has to do without the distinctive scent of the flowers – the colorful Lego bouquet is suitable for this as a year-round decoration, for example for the kitchen or living room. The special flower greeting for handicrafts was partly made of bioplastics and is guaranteed to make eyes light up – not just for Lego fans.

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Lego Creator Bouquet (10280), Botanical Collection


€34.99 € 49.99

6. Classic red roses

The classic bouquet of red roses is considered a popular gift for Mother’s Day and should not be missing here. In fact, the long-stemmed roses look great and are therefore always a good choice.

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Bouquet of premium roses in red 25 stems



7. Flower arrangement of tulips

This floral arrangement of numerous tulipsputs you in a good mood and is just as nice a gesture for Mother’s Day. Tip: If you prick the tulips lightly at the top of the stem near the flower, the calyxes will stand longer and the bouquet will keep its shape.

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