How do I water my plants properly?

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How do I water my plants properly?
Watering a houseplant is a trivial act! All you have to do is follow a few tips and tricks on how to dose the amounts of water needed for your green protege’s growth and survival. Different types of plants have very different water needs. Depending on location and time of year, the frequency of watering can also vary. In this article we will give you helpful tips and tricks to water your houseplants properly! Have fun while reading!


In this article you will find all helpful tips on how to recognize when your plant needs water and how much. Some plants are very thirsty, others can die if overwatered.

These criteria are decisive:

  • The original origin of your plant
  • The location where she is now at home
  • The season

An apartment, no matter how well furnished, is not a natural environment, at least not for your tropical plant! So you should first create an atmosphere similar to the one from which it came. It is therefore necessary to know the origin in order to recreate the conditions of the natural environment.

For example, the cactus from the hot and dry desert climate requires very little water and would die with an excess. A fact not to be forgotten! The calathea, on the other hand, like most houseplant plants, thrives in warm and humid climates in equatorial regions. It will therefore be necessary to water them more frequently and ensure that the humidity level is high.

Other factors in your home can also change the water needs of a plant: e.g. heat sources in winter (radiators and fireplaces), air conditioning systems in summer or simply drafts. Since the plants are not used to it, these factors are potentially dangerous for them. In these situations, the plant needs to drink more to maintain adequate hydration.


Most plants are much quieter than usual during the winter months. They are in a phase of vegetative rest. You will find that, for example, they grow more slowly and require less water than in spring and summer when their biological state is conducive to growth. So adapt the care to the seasons. Also, make sure to water your plants while you’re on vacation , have a good soul drop by and take care of it.


The frequency of watering varies depending on the type of plant: infrequent, moderate or frequent watering. To check if the plant needs water, you can gently poke your fingers into the soil. If this is still damp in the lower layers, don’t add water. For indoor plants, the substrate should usually dry out between two waterings.

Preferably use soft rainwater to hydrate your green charges. The water should be at room temperature to avoid cold shock. Using a watering can with a fine spout, pour the water slowly and in small amounts onto the soil. Be careful not to water the leaves. So that you don’t flood your apartment, hanging plants shouldremoved and poured into a sink or bathtub. Don’t forget to drain the excess water from the saucer or the roots may drown. Alternatively, you can place clay balls at the bottom of the pot to ensure good drainage.


SOS! Your plant seems to be losing vitality. Despite all the love you gave her, you endanger her survival due to a watering mistake… To bring your green charge back to life, follow our tips! Before you save the plant, you should answer the question: was it too much or too little water?

  • Are the leaves turning yellow? You watered too much.
  • Are the leaves drooping? It is a lack of water;
  • The soil is dry on the surface, the pot seems a little lighter and the substrate is peeling off around the pot? The plant lacks water;
  • Do the leaves appear brown or withered? It can be both.

Now you must act immediately! Did you water the plants too much? Reduce watering and avoid standing water in the planter or saucer. Wait until the soil is completely dry. If your plant is severely dried out, rehydrate it in a basin filled with water for an hour, then allow it to drain before returning it to the planter.

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Now you know perfectly how to keep your plants hydrated! Just follow our helpful tips & tricks and enjoy the splendor of your indoor plants!

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