What do I do with my plants during the holiday season?

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What do I do with my plants during the holiday season?
The to-do list before the holiday is always very long. Between the route to be completed and the suitcase to be packed, you often forget your green protégés… and find them sad when you return home. That doesn’t have to be the case: with a few tips and tricks you can make sure that your plants don’t even notice that you’ve been away. In this article, we’ll show you the main steps you need to follow to help your houseplants do just fine without you. Have fun while reading!


Clean your green treasures: dust the leaves, remove all the leaves that are damaged or dead. Your plant should not waste its energy on this.

Place all plants in an area where they will get enough light – leave the curtains open and make sure they are not in direct sunlight. By putting them together, you ensure that the plants are exposed to optimal conditions: fresh air with sufficient humidity. The perfect place for this is the bathroom. Your plants will dry out much less and their water requirements will be reduced.

Water your green protégés as usual before departure and above all not too much! There are no reserves that the plants can fall back on and so you are not doing them any good. This way you run the risk of the roots rotting and, in the worst case, your houseplant dying!


If you go on vacation in summer, you should pay special attention to the needs of your houseplants. In fact, this is usually the time when they develop the most! It is therefore very important not to neglect the watering of the plants!

Create a humid atmosphere by placing a container of water near your plants or by placing moistened clay balls in a bowl.
If no one can take care of your plants, there are different systems you can opt for. Find the one that suits you best!

  • Water storage pots allow your plant to have enough water available without drowning.
  • Water storage pots allow your plant to have enough water available without drowning.
  • Watering balls stick to the soil and provide adequate watering, which will also work through an inverted water bottle with a hole in the lid.
  • You can also connect your pot to a water vessel with a cotton wick, which will conduct the water.

Do not hesitate to contact our plant experts via our online chat and get advice to choose the best watering option!


If some of the plants don’t look so fit when you get back from vacation, don’t worry! Most likely, there is still enough time to bring them back to life! First, analyze their appearance to determine what could be causing it: lack of water or light, sunburn, or over-hydration?


Relocate your houseplants to their usual environment so they can acclimate to their normal location. If they appear dried out, you should place the pot in a sink filled with water for an hour. A good, long bath should do you good!

On the contrary, if you overdid it with the water or your irrigation system didn’t work, you should wait for the soil on the surface to dry before adding water again.

Do not cut off the stems – first wait 3-4 days and only then reach for the pruning shears. Some parts of the plant might appear dead and eventually regain vigor and vitality! If not, you should snip off the dead stems or maybe treat yourself to a new green roommate!

Take your time to look around our online shop to find the perfect green protégé for you and order it to your home the next day with our express delivery service! Do you travel often? Then you should rather opt for the easy-care plants that are more robust and resistant: Ficus, Monstera, Zamioculcas and many more!

Now you know the most important tips for caring for your protégés while on vacation. This guarantees the plants are in perfect condition when you return! So before you head towards the beach and the sun and activate your relaxation mode, now you know what you need to do: prepare well! 😉

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