How to build your own terrarium

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How to build your own terrarium
Would you like to add some variety to your decor and learn how to build a terrarium? There you can reproduce a small piece of nature and create the original, climatic conditions for the plants that place in it. The perfect opportunity to combine the art of decoration with the world of plants! In this article we will show you all the necessary steps to build a terrarium. So, let’s go!


Whether you buy it or make it yourself, this little green wonder regulates its own oxygen and water supply and requires very little maintenance. During the day the plant uses the sun and carbon dioxide, at night it consumes oxygen and emits carbon dioxide. On the one hand, it releases water that forms a mist on the glass and water is created that can be used to water the plant.


Before you can start building your terrarium, you should consider the following points:

  • your plant should be watered once or twice a year and in very small amounts;
  • If the location (not in direct sunlight) is unevenly lit, you should rotate the jar from time to time.
  •  If there is too much condensation, open the jar for a few hours.
  •  If your terrarium contains cacti, it is better to open the jar regularly to avoid condensation and keep the environment dry.

That’s all!


These are the materials you will need to build your terrarium:

  • A glass
  • Choose
  • potting soil
  • Sand
  • Geotextile canvas
  • A scissors
  • A tablespoon
  • A teaspoon
  • garden gloves
  • A brush
  • Four plants
  • driftwood
  • They stink

Now you are well prepared and can start building. We wish you lots of fun!

1. Spread the gravel on the bottom of the jar to create a 3-4 cm drainage layer.

2. Cut out the geotextile canvas in a circle and then place it on the gravel layer.

3. Put half of the potting soil in the jar and then make small holes in the soil with the tablespoon.

4. Now put on gardening gloves and place the largest plant right in the middle.

5. Now place the smallest plants on the edge of the glass.

6. Now fill in the remaining gaps with soil using a teaspoon and press them down lightly.

7. Fill the jar with about 1-2 cm of sand so that the potting soil is covered and then place the decorative elements.

8. Water each plant very lightly. Now leave the jar open for forty-eight hours and then close it.


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DIY – we like!

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