Sunflower – The laughter of the sun

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Sunflower – The laughter of the sun

The earth smiles at us especially through the sunflower. In fact, in many cultures around the world, she is the most popular symbol for midsummer. Her smile in the sun infects us with blooming good humour, happiness and confidence. That is why she is the undisputed queen of summer flowers.

The history of the sunflower goes back to 2500 BC. back. During this time, the Incas and Aztecs worshiped the summer flower as a symbol of the sun deities. In the days of the colonies, the Spanish seafarers then brought them to Europe. Here it found rapid distribution both as an ornamental and as a useful plant. Today, different sunflower types and sizes are grown worldwide. From the small dwarf sunflower to the giant sunflower that grows 4.80 m tall. However, the normal field sunflower usually reaches a height of two or three meters. But it doesn’t matter which type of sunflower: They all follow the course of the sun with their bright yellow flower heads. It shares this so-called heliotropism with the colorful gerbera. Even more amazing is that the sunflower head turns back to the east in the dark of night just to not miss the sunrise. Pretty flexible, this sunflower!

The sun has the sunflower in its name in almost every language. Even its botanical name, Helianthus, derives from the Greek sun word ”

As so often, there is a tragic love story from Greek mythology to tell about the origin of the name: the king’s daughter Clytia once fell in love with the sun god Helios. However, Helios wanted nothing to do with her. So she sat naked on a rock and ate and drank no more. For nine long days she just watched her Helios as he pulled his golden chariot from east to west and lamented her misfortune. Her heartache turned yellow and brown, Clytia herself transformed into a “sunflower” that steadily turned her blossom toward Helios’ sun chariot.

In fact, the sunflower was still unknown in antiquity, since it was only introduced to Europe from there after America’s discovery. Nevertheless, the heartbreak story is often attributed to the sunflower, since one can very well interpret a human being into its stately size.

Soul Therapist Sunflower

Confidence, good mood and cheerfulness, the sunflower radiates all this positively into our souls. Its yellow radiates warmth and security and invigorates us. Bees and butterflies are also enchanted by their flowers. Perhaps the sight of sunflowers will also trigger hygge feelings in you, as it will remind you of sunflower fields from your childhood.

Have you ever wondered why international environmental movements and the green parties have chosen the sunflower as their symbol? On the one hand, this is due to their symbolic power for a healthy nature as well as their cheerfulness and boundless optimism. On the other hand, it already served as a symbol for a peaceful world during the hippie movement.

The sunflower not only has a positive benefit for our soul. It is also considered a soil conditioner because it has the amazing ability to absorb toxins from the soil and transform them. In addition, one large flower per day can bind the available carbon dioxide from a 100 cubic meter room. It is also well known that it is used as cooking oil and in the production of biodiesel fuel. The delicious sunflower seeds provide people with valuable vitamins from groups A, B, E and F as a snack and also baked into bread and rolls and also serve as feed for birds, mice, hamsters and guinea pigs.

The painter van Gogh painted a whole series of paintings with the sunflower
The national flower of Ukraine

Sunflowers are also omnipresent in Ukraine. In addition to Russia, the country brings in veritable record harvests. Here, however, they are found not only in fields, but also as prints on clothes, on murals, tied as wreaths of hair by young girls at traditional festivals, and as decorative


paintings on bowls, plates, and jewelry boxes. The intricate


paintings demonstrate careful observation of the floral world and are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Also in Ukrainian sunflower

name sonyashnyk

the sun appears. Ukrainians like to compare patriotism to a sunflower. It is said: Just as the sun is the guide for the sunflower, so for man the fatherland is the highest good.

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